Friday, September 20, 2013

Ramdev ji Londonwale

With news just flowing in accompanied by, almost in real time, jokes on twitter about Baba Ramdev being detained at London's Heathrow airport. For six less!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Finding holes in the Mythical Madrasi post

Somebody who goes by the name of Sudhish Kamath has written a few words on what he thinks is the stereotyping of Madrasi's in Chennai Express. Now, Mr. Sudhish Kamath is a film critic who write for a respected newspaper - The Hindu - & so I did read his article to read his thoughts on the movie. And boy, was I disappointed. His Chennai upbringing & resulting indignation at what he thinks is an assault on the tamilian culture totally clouded his thoughts & has resulted in an article that is borderline stupid & plain silly.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Why crib for Chennai Express?

What does a star & producer of films do when you make a great movie like Swades that apparently everyone likes but makes no money (maybe everyone saw it on pirated DVDs) but when you make a movie like Chennai Express that is trashed by everyone but goes on to make 100 Crores in 3 days?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Chennai Express - The Review

I was thinking about Eid this morning. Now, all of you know that I am a pretty non-religious person & religious festivals have no meaning in my life. But I still wait for every religious festival. The only reason behind that is the fact that major movies release around festival times. Especially Eid - since this has traditionally been a Salman Khan release day & this year it was the badshah himself who came on screen on Eid (well, another reason for Eid is the food). Isn't this the Almighty's way of making an infidel like me await a religious event?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Jai Telangana

So Sonia Gandhi Congress Party Union Govt of India finally decided to break up the United States of Andhra & form two separate states that will be called Madras & Madras by almost 70% of north Indians. The other 30%, presumably avid viewers of Arnab Goswami's NewsHour show on Times Now, will call the states - Telangana & Seemandhra. Finally all the naach gaana about Telangana seems to have subsided a little. But of what use was this naach-gaana? Who won the battle? Who will benefit from this? These are points that needs to be deliberated upon & answered. After all, when there is apparently a lot of reasons to feel happy, I am sure there must be someone who is behind all these reasons. I just want to find that name/place/animal/thing & congratulate it. So here is my attempt to find out through serious research & serious investigative journalism.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Doggie Days

It is hard being a professional & a dog lover at the same time. You clean up shit at work & then you clean up shit at home. Especially if you have puppies. Especially if you work in the fickle IT industry where the quality of skills are about as good as Sajid Khan's directorial skills.The only difference is that after all cleaning is done you can, at least, play with your cute puppies & it feels nice when they lick your face. Try having people at work do that to you after you clean up after them....NOT SO MUCH FUN! Believe me.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Money On My Mind!

Yay!!!! I made some money on my blog - a princely sum of $5. This brings my cash flow status in this week to positive. As against other weeks when my outflow usually is much more than my inflow & that makes me feel like an individual with a weak bladder. And do not laugh. A figure of $5 in India is Rs. 300 which officially puts me in the 'not poor' category as defined by the govt of India, if I were to just show this as my only source of income. The man reason for happiness is that I made this money entirely on my own, without having to tell lies exaggerate the truth. I feel like that hero from the movies who is so proud of his pehli mehnat ki kamai after a lifelong pursuit of ill-gotten wealth.